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Practice Questions – [draft two] – Jordan Wilson 1. The Dreaming contains all the underlying principles of Aboriginal spirituality, which is inextricably connected to the land and the kinship is described through different aspects of the land. The dreaming contains three teachings; obligation to the land and people, kinship and ceremonies which are sets of separate guidelines for Aboriginal people in their spiritual journey. Kinship ties belonging to a specific clan and the responsibility the person has to the clan. Kinship is the rights and responsibilities of aboriginal people, which is why it holds great importance to the whole of the religious tradition. Kinship connects to the dreaming through the way that different members can behave in different ways. Totems are important for all adherents because they describe the relationship one has with the land they are living on. This is connected to Aboriginal spirituality because through kinship adherents are forced to obey the different guidelines and have a responsibility to care for their totem in the way described in the dreaming. Kinship is expressed through the dreaming which allows guidance to be given to adherents and therefore determines the connection aboriginal people have with their land and spirit giving them a set of rules to follow. 2.
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Practice Questions - Practice Questions [draft two] Jordan...

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