Sexual ethics - Ethics Essay Describe and explain Christian...

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Ethics Essay - Describe and explain Christian ethical teaching on sexual ethics The Christian ethical system has three main scripture areas that it refers to which are; the Ten Commandments [Exodus 20: 1-17], Jesus commandment to love which refers to Agape and slightly Eros [Matthew 22: 37 – 40], and The Beatitudes [Matthew 5: 1 – 12]. These three areas dictate all Ethical teachings including sexual ethics and through sexual ethics help understand bigger ethical problems including; homosexuality, pre-marital sex and contraception. All the different denominations are affected by these ethical teachings but the three denominations that will be discussed are; Catholicism, Protestant, and Orthodox. Within Catholicism there are three main sexual ethical areas; Scripture, Natural law and Authority. Natural law is simply a natural law from God outlining different ways to live, it was developed by Aquinas and it teachers the all humans have an innate nature. Protestants are more lenient within their ethical teaching using both Scripture and Authority but also having situational ethics which allows different actions to be performed if seen necessary e.g. contraception for a woman who might die. Joseph Fletcher developed the idea of situational
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Sexual ethics - Ethics Essay Describe and explain Christian...

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