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English Short Story - English Short Story: Belonging It has...

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English Short Story: Belonging It has come to this: the hatred between Iraq's warring sects is now so toxic, it contaminates even the memory of a shining moment of goodwill. It wasn’t always like this though, there used to be good days. Smiles amongst the tears, love amongst the pain. Nick stopped reading. He glanced out the window and saw stars beyond his blinds. As he looked away from the computer screen, his bloodshot eyes burnt as they re-adjusted. His computer beckoned him back but the gurgling of his stomach fought off the desire to continue reading the Facebook blog. He slunk downstairs; his muscles were stiff from sitting. In the kitchen light his features were clearly distinguishable. The shoulder length brown hair sat awkwardly against his pallid skin. His gut made it difficult for him to touch his toes. He was shorter than average for a 15 year old and this further emphasised his unique physique. Nick found his dinner covered in cling wrap and cold, as usual. From the kitchen he could hear that his mother and younger sister were watching the television. Nick re-heated the meal and made his way back upstairs. Nick logged back into Facebook before checking his instant messenger account. No new messages in either. Scrolled through his friends list, all 378 of them. None were online. Leaning back in his chair Nick exhaled, shutting his eyes for the briefest of moments. In an
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English Short Story - English Short Story: Belonging It has...

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