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Hamlet redo - The revenge tragedy play represents...

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The revenge tragedy play represents Shakespeare’s reaction to a period of social upheaval when transitional tensions of an older world’s ideology of chivalry, feudalism and action were ignited towards a merging era of logical rationalism over immediacy of action. Therefore Hamlets humanist thinking, procrastination and complete lack of resolve is a result of his contradictory values. Hence the text represents a series of social, cultural and moral changes within the context where the individual challenge the authority of trustworthy figures. Hamlets oscillations reveal him to be trapped between feudal order and the new social attitude of contemplation and reason. By establishing Hamlet as a noble protagonist through honourable connotations of “Lord Hamlet, Prince, out of thy star”, the composer evokes our pathos as we witness him being caught between conflicting social attitudes of the renaissance and the filial obligation to avenge his father’s death that would involve him “coupling hell”. The five act structure in
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