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Snow Fallin On Cedars - Snow Falling on Cedars written by...

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Snow Falling on Cedars written by David Guterson explores the clashing ideals of a mixed cultural society on San Piedro Island through narrative form. A core theme in the novel is the racial intolerance and disparity that segregates individuals that originates from conflicting cultural perspectives. This theme is explored in Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell where the persona’s (Orwell’s) integrity abhors the British Empire but his loyalty is soon reinstated. Cultural disparity highlights conflicting perspectives enabling individuals to often compromise individual beliefs to negate cultural barriers. Hatsue traverses the Japanese cultural barrier in an attempt to assimilate into the San Piedro community. The cedar tree acts as a symbol of protection and security against the negative views of society. “..inside the tree felt private. He felt he would never be discovered here.” The tree acts as an incitement to continue the relationship even though the parents are used as a cultural restraining force. “if they knew…..your father’d probably kill me with a
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