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How war affects society and the individual. Conflict, combat, fighting, confrontation, hostilities. These are fragments of the definition of war. War, in simplest terms is the result of a disagreement. For example; George wants to find the weapons of mass destruction, Saddam says he doesn’t have any, George believes Saddam has committed crimes against humanity, Saddam says no comment. What takes place afterwards is the rapid escalation of the situation and soon men and women who have nothing to do with the argument act as chess pieces and fight the other guys battle. However in some cases the cause of the war is much more complex. The war may act as a quarantine to prevent the spread of a noxious train of thought e.g. communism as we have seen on more than one occasion through history. The implications of war, are, in my opinion much more complex than the actual cause. A country that takes part in war suffers in many ways including; economically, legally, physically and most of all emotionally. This burden of war is carried by society forever and
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Unformatted text preview: we can see through history that many countries have continued to suffer the long-lasting effects of war. War affects individuals in a similar way to society. Individuals along with society suffer financially, physically and emotionally. The time following the First World War saw the coming of the great depression, economically the world was in demise and domestic markets struggled, unemployment rose rapidly and a global shortage of supply occurred. Physically, war brings about change, dispossession of land and displacement, are common occurrences along with the physical impression loosing a family member has. War changes people emotionally, through conflict people are exposed to horrific scenes, this shows people what human beings are capable of and exposes a persons inner strength. When a man or woman returns from war they try to block out returning thoughts however the simplest noises or words can trigger an impulse of memories....
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