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Unformatted text preview: P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION : J OB A PPLICATION P ACKET Writing and Submission Requirements Length: 1000 words, minimum Format: Letter and résumé format Submission: Turn in to E-Learning as an attached document in Word or Rich Text format (.doc or .rtf) and turn in as hard copy at the beginning of class. For the electronic copy, name the file using your last name and the name of the assignment with no spaces (e.g.: SmithApplication.doc). Scan and submit the job advertisement as a .pdf, or provide a working link to the advertisement on-line. Assignment Prompt and Context Write a cover letter and résumé for an internship or job in your discipline, and write a follow-up letter thanking the employer for your interview. Internships and other “real-world” experiences are vital for the applications of students in professional and technical fields. Most students will opt to write an application for an internship, but whether you are applying for an internship or an entry-level professional job, find an actual...
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