Assignment--ProgressReport - P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION :...

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Unformatted text preview: P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION : P ROGRESS R EPORT Writing and Submission Requirements Length: 600 words, minimum Format: Memo format Submission: Turn in to E-Learning as an attached document in Word or Rich Text format (.doc or .rtf) and turn in as hard copy at the beginning of class. For the electronic copy, name the file using your last name and the name of the assignment with no spaces (e.g.: SmithProgressReport.doc). Assignment Prompt and Context In this assignment you will write a progress report that examines how your small engineering group is proceeding towards completion of its proposal. Your report should explain, analyze, and critique what you, as an individual member of the group, contributed to the proposal. For this project, you must also explain how you, individually, strengthened the groups projects and what ideas, tasks, and skills you are contributing to the overall effort. Also, inform me if there were any significant contribution problems with any group members on the proposal projector,...
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Assignment--ProgressReport - P ROFESSIONAL C OMMUNICATION :...

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