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ENC 3254: Professional Communication Course Description Professional communication is the practice of conveying technical information to multiple audiences who may have very different goals and varying technical needs for that information. In this class you not only learn how to research, organize, and present technical information, but also how to write effectively, work in collaboration with other professionals, and use various technologies to support your communication efforts. This course is designed to help students master a variety of communication strategies and genres of writing relevant specific professional disciplines. We will focus primarily on the composition and design of larger documents such as proposals, instructions, and formal reports using collaborative writing; however, we will also compose and design smaller documents such as memos, letters, resumes, and informal reports--as well as construct formal presentations. We will practice analyzing writing situations in the technical workplace; then we will use the strategies for audience-analysis, organization, style, and page layout to develop documents that address those rhetorical situations. The objective of this class is to help you learn how to write, revise, and edit technical documents for the professional community you will join. Required Texts John Lannon. Technical Communication , 12th ed. Boston: Longman (2011) . Assignments The assignments below include two group projects. For the group projects, a portion of the written work must be completed by each student; students will be graded individually on their portions of the project, and the group will earn a separate grade for the collaboration. Introductory E-mail Message Using a standard e-mail format and an effective professional style, you will send a message to the class listserv introducing yourself, your career goals, your areas of specialization, and your writing experiences. Include your schedule, indicating times available outside of class for group project work. Job Application Packet (Cover Letter, Resume, Follow-Up Letter) In this multi-part assignment you will first identify an internship or job you hope to have. Next, you will research the field and construct a profile for the ideal candidate for this
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position. Finally, you will write a cover letter and a resume for this particular job, as well as a follow-up letter thanking your prospective employer for your interview which restates your interest. Technical Definition You will first select an item from a list of technical terms and then identify an audience and a purpose for the term using a profile sheet. You will first write a sentence definition of the term, then an expanded definition for a first-year student in your professional feild.
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syllabus - ENC 3254: Professional Communication Course...

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