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ECSE 330 Midterm 2 Fall 2002

ECSE 330 Midterm 2 Fall 2002 - McGill University Faculty of...

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1 McGill University Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE-330A - Electronic Circuits I Examiner: Dr. David V. Plant; _____________________ Associate Examiner: Dr. I. Shih; ______________________ Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 Time: 9:00 – 12:00 Calculator: Faculty Standard Pertinent Information: 1) This is a closed-book examination, no notes permitted. There are 3 pages of equations provided at the back of the examination. 2) The examination consists of 7 problems; you must answer all 7 problems. 3) The examination is worth 74 total points 4) The examination consists of 13 pages, including this page and the equations page; please ensure you have a COMPLETE examination paper. 5) Only the Faculty Standard Calculator is permitted. 6) Questions may be completed in any order, however ensure that you clearly identify which part of which question you are attempting. Do NOT turn in this exam with your exam booklet
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2 Question #1 [9 pts] : Consider the following circuit. In your small-signal analysis, you must decide whether or not to include the Early Effect. You are given the following values: R1 = 8k V CC = 5V R2 = 12k V EE = -5V R C = 10k I = 1mA R E = 1k β = 100 V A = 100V V BE = 0.7 V a) [3 pts] Calculate the value of R F such that the transistor is at the active/saturation boundary. b) [2 pts] Assume that R F is chosen such that it places the transistor exactly at the active/saturation boundary. If R F is then increased , will the transistor enter the active region or the saturation region? c) [2 pts] Draw the small-signal equivalent circuit.
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