Midterm 1 October 2006

Midterm 1 October 2006 - ECSE 330: INTRODUCTION TO...

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ECSE 330: I NTRODUCTION TO E LECTRONICS Midterm Examination #1 October 19 th 2006, 10:05 AM – 11:25 AM Professor David V. Plant, Joshua D. Schwartz Please note the following before you begin: - This is a closed book examination, no notes permitted. - This exam consists of 4 problems totaling 40 possible points. - Only the faculty standard calculator is permitted. - Write all answers in the answer booklet only. This paper will NOT be collected - Good luck!
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Question 1 (9 points) Consider a CURRENT AMPLIFIER defined by the current transfer characteristic below. This amplifier has R in = 5 k and R out = 90 k . a) [2 pts] What DC input current I in would make possible the largest sinusoidal output signal without any clipping distortion? b) [3 pts] This amplifier is connected to a current source of 2 mA with resistance R S = 5 k . A load of R L = 10k is connected at the output. Assuming this amplifier is operated in the linear region, draw a circuit diagram representing this situation using the model of a current amplifier. c) [3 pts] Assume that the current amplifier receives an input voltage V in instead of an input current (you can imagine an ideal voltage source with no internal
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Midterm 1 October 2006 - ECSE 330: INTRODUCTION TO...

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