Midterm 1 October 2007

Midterm 1 October 2007 - ECSE 330: INTRODUCTION TO...

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ECSE 330: I NTRODUCTION TO E LECTRONICS Midterm Examination #1 October 11 th 2007, 10:05 AM – 11:25 AM Instructor: Joshua D. Schwartz Please note the following before you begin: - This is a closed book examination, no notes permitted. - This exam consists of 4 problems totaling 40 possible points. - Only the faculty standard calculator is permitted. - Write all answers in the answer booklet only. This paper will NOT be collected - Good luck!
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Question 1 (10 points) You have a sinusoidal signal source of amplitude 100mV and source resistance R s = 50 , and you wish to drive a load of 10 with a sinusoidal signal voltage of at least 1V amplitude. The problem is – you do not have any voltage amplifiers! a) Suppose that somebody offers to sell you a voltage amplifier (A VO = 200 V/V, R in = 50 , R out = 10 ) and tells you that it runs on a split-supply (V DD = +3.3V, V EE = -3.3V). You happen to have these supply voltages handy. I. [2 pts] What overall gain can you realize with this amplifier? You can realize an output of 100mV*(50/100)*200*(10/20) = 5V… a gain of 50 V/V. II. [1 pt] Explain why, even though you have more than enough gain, this amplifier alone is not a good solution for your problem. Given that the output cannot go above 3.3V or below -3.3V due to the supplies, your input signal will result in a clipped output (distortion). III. [2 pts] You convince the seller to throw in a resistor of a certain value. With this resistor, you explain, you can get exactly 1V output across the load. What value of resistor do you need, and where would you put it?
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Midterm 1 October 2007 - ECSE 330: INTRODUCTION TO...

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