Spice-project - Introduction To ELECTRONICS (ECSE 330)...

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Introduction To ELECTRONICS (ECSE 330) Spice Project Handout Date: Thursday, November 5th, 2009 Due Date: Thursday, November 26th, 2009 Conditions: Project is to be performed by the student alone. Composite Amplifier Create a SPICE schematic for the following single-input single-output circuit. For the opamp, use a ‘ua741’ from the ‘eval’ library. For the open loop amplifier above, simulate the AC magnitude and phase response. Then simulate the transient response to a 50-mV, 50-Hz, square wave. Report the rise and fall times. Closed Loop Amplifier The circuit you just built is meant to act as a single input single-output amplifier.
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This circuit has a high input resistance, low output resistance, and reasonably high gain. The capacitors C1-C3 limit the high-frequency response of this amplifier, playing the role that internal transistor parasitic capacitances play in actual IC (integrated circuit) op- amps. In this part of the experiment we will close a feedback loop around the amplifier in
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Spice-project - Introduction To ELECTRONICS (ECSE 330)...

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