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7 Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition 29 ., jll. ;,;i;r,il:I*ii '''': H i s t o I o g y 29 il:::filffi iiiiri'S' , , :ji,: ii:iiifr .,: .,trii: ,Iljffi Detail of Arterial Wall inner errd,rthelial ce1ls of tunica intima (lefr) lie on a basement rnernbrane . A thin layer of smooth muscle cells and elastic tissue (lamina propria) throws this tunic into fblds. The tunica media contains multiple layers of smooth rnuscie cells regularly arrangecl. A r'vavy extemal clastic rnembrane separates the tunica media from the adventitia. (x250) Tunica adventitia Tunica media Lamina propria Tunica intima External elastic membrane
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Unformatted text preview: ;::lt,:,, iiillt tl: ', .. ,i ritr Capillary with Red Blood Cells in Single File Capillary lvall is made of flattened endothelial ce11s without complex tunics, a simple structure that facilitates the exchange of gases, nutrienls, wastes, and hormones. (x400) Endothelium Red blood cell ',i,:lt1ir; r;r't] . ri'it Lymph Node Outer cortex containing several follicles surrounds medul1a, with its narrow, dark medullary cords. Notch is the hilurn, through which blood and lymphatic vessels pass. (X5) Follicle (germinal cente0 Hilum Medulla Cortex d fI *f' ih" . til *il :fu\ & r '-i \....
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