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-_ Laboratory Atlas of Anatomy and Physiology, Sixth Edition Histology 3l Palatino Tonsil Outer capsule surrotLncls subcapsul:rr sinus, uncler whicl'r are sevcral largc, roLurdccl gerrnina 1 ccntcr-c surt'ouncl i ng trabecular artcries ancl vcins. E{lerent lymph vesscl leacls ollt to Lrppcr lefi. ( x 5 ) Lymph vessel Germinal center Spleen Central bloocl vesscls are surrount{cti by area of densr:ly staining r,vhite pulp composecl of lyrnphoir-l cclls. Lcss densely staiuing rcd ptrlp, r.vith fcr'veL
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Unformatted text preview: ccll nr-rclei, surrouncis whitc pulp. ( x 2 5 ) Blood vessel White pulp Red pulp Alveoli of Lung Thin-r.vallccl lespiratory cxchange sur{aces aid in rapicl clif}usion {rl ga\c}. Brtlnchittl. tt.rlnillilt\'} ?lI irtritllll' which :rcts :rs ontrywiry into sr:r'eral inclividr-raI alveoli, greatly Lnultiplying sudacc area. (X50) 31 ffi ffi Tl ffi rd CI I *l i'.d ! sd r$l el H !$ rd Alveoli...
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