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Anatomy and physiology I

Anatomy and physiology I - 2 Fm= B1 B2 or 20 = B1 B2 Fm*2...

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1. a)The ankle dorsiflexion moment is equal to the moment times the force being applied, so therefore the moment is 1.06m * 1000N (in m) = 1060 N for Runner 1 and 1.03m * 1000N (in m) = 1030N for Runner 2. 1. b)The F(m) must be equal to the dorsiflexion moment in order for the runner to remain upright, so the F(m) for each runner is equal to the moment for each in the question above. c.) The relative rotation is equal to the ration between the two moments, so Runner 1 will have twice the rotation as will Runner 2 as their moment arms are 6:3
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Fm= B1+B2 or 20 = B1+B2 Fm*2 =B1*R1 + B2*R2 or, 20*2=5*B1 +8*B2 so B1=40N B2=-20N The opposite signs of B1 and B2 indicate the formation of torque, leading to better chewing of food. 3. Muscle 1, looks like it retracts the mandible. Muscle 2, looks like it's a very strong chewing muscle, so it would exhibit the most force. Muscle 3, looks like it also aids in retracting the jaw, since it is attached to the mandibular region. Since the bite force is in the upper direction with the small...
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