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quiz7 key - Biology E65C Quiz #7 Name: Score: /20 Multiple...

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Biology E‐65C Quiz #7 Name: Score: /20 Multiple choice. 1) Which is not a symptom of Cushing’s disease? a) high blood pressure b) bone loss c) suppressed immune function d) goiter e) hyperglycemia (increased blood glucose) 2) Tremors, nervousness, and increased heart rate can all be symptoms of a) increased activation of the sympathetic nervous system b) excessive secretion of epinephrine from the adrenal medulla c) hyperthyroidism d) hypothyroidism e) 3) Which of the following could theoretically result in short stature? a) pituitary tumor making excess thyroid-stimulating hormone b) mutations that result in inactive IGF-1 receptors c) delayed onset of puberty d) decreased hypothalamic levels of somatostatin e) normal plasma GH but decreased feedback of growth hormone on GHRH 4) Which of the following is not consistent with primary hyperparathyroidism? a) hypercalcemia b) increased urinary excretion of phosphate ions c) a decrease in calcium resorption from bone d) an increase in calcium resorption in the kidney
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quiz7 key - Biology E65C Quiz #7 Name: Score: /20 Multiple...

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