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GLOSSARY G-33 0a-RIN-eo-FAIR-inks) The pitt'p* r6tt.a.uY Pt P':1,?f^th' naiopharYnx, beginning at the I bone and extending inferiorlY to the esophagus' (fig. 23'2) trie rittif"ugi"oui chamber in the the vocal c-ords; the voicebox' the midline of an organ or ofthe bodY; toward the side' Jith. body b.r*.en the knee and *ii.glt". Z. e t.glike extension of 4lso crus' i-"tii.Jtone of tissue injury, such or mvocardiai infarction' ,-sitej AnY nucleated blood ohil, eosinophil, basophil' 'ot *ono.yti. Aiso called a r'vhite lirLr, "r r.*"cyte develoPment rietic stem cells' drivq a psychological desire tor sex' or band oftough collagenous- one organ to another,.esPecially irothet,ind tetuing to [oid organs. Lilot., *. .ro.ia[e liflments of the ciform ligament of the liver' re (LM) A microscoPe that with visible light. ree ofthe bodY arising from the tio.lrZ otto to*.t iimb; uPPer limb' rdise or extension of another structure' desiending limb of the nephron loop' r outgrovth ofthe embryo that , af; upper or lower limb' A ring of brain structures mat e corpus-callosum and thalamus' he cinrulate g1'rus, hiPPocamPus' *itit.*ttitt"res; iunctions inciude the foot' Loosely called the leg' although that i".- *"o"tfu ttfers only to the crural region' h;;;^';;;,#rnt to ttre iower back and sides' - t ut,oeen the thoiacic cage and pelvis' to-ett ftte internal space of a hollow organ' sucn ---- as a blood vessel or the esophagus' or a space lorrounded by cells, as in a gland acinus' lvrnph The fluid contained in lymphatic vessets 't''.I:; ry*Ph todes, produced by the absorption ot tissue fluid. tt-ohatic nodule A temporary' dense aggregation -' lf lvmphocytes in such places as mucous #ffii"t.J;;d rytphatic organs; also called a i,mohanc folticte. (fig' 22'8) frt"ii.":u. wJt"m Anirgan system consisting "" #j;;;;ri. vessels, lvirph nodes' the tonsils' .' ;iinffi;iilut'' r'ln'iio"' include tissue fluid "."nverv and immunity' k-;;;l'. -
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