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Unformatted text preview: (G-U) system Sea urogenital (U-G)A gamete or any precursor cell destineda gamete,Any ofthree tissue layers of an embryo:mesoderm, or endoderm.(jess-TAY-shun) Pregnancy.organ specialized for secretion oro$ in some cases a single cell, such as acell,(GIEE-u1, GLY-ul) Any ofthe six typescells of the nervous systemastrocltes, microglia, andin the CNS; Schwann cells and satellitethe PNS); constitute most of the bulknervous system and perform variousand supportive roles for the neurons.I neuroglia,u capsule (glo-MERR-youJur) Ae-walled capsule around each glomeruluskidney; receives glomerular filtrate andinto the proximal convoluted tubule. Alsoglomerular filtrate, which isprocessed to form the urine.A monosaccharide (CrHnOJ also knowngranulocl'te (GRAN-you-lo-site) Any of three tyPesof leukocltes (neutrophils, eosinophils, or basophils)with prominent cytoplasmic granules. (fig, 19,1)granuloea celle Cells that form a stratified cuboidalepithelium lining an ovarian follicie; source ofsteroid sex hormones. (fig, 26,15)gray mctter A zone or layer of tissue in the centralnervous system where the neuron cell bodies,dendrites, and synapses are found; forms thecore ofthe spinal cord, nuclei ofthe brainstem,basal nuclei ofthe cerebrum, cerebral cortex, andcerebellar cortex. (fig, 15.4)great toe The large mediai toe; also called thehallux,great vessels The largest ofthe blood vesselsattached directly to the heart; the superior andinferior venae cavae, pulmonary trunk, and aorta,gross anatomy Bodily structue that can beobserved without magnifi cation.ground subetance The clear, featureless material inwhich the fibers and cells ofa connective tissueare embedded; includes the liquid plasma of thebiood, tissue gel ofareolar tissue, and calcifiedtissue ofbone.guard hairs Coarse, stiffhairs that prevent insects,debris, or other foreign matter from entering theear, nose, or eye; also called vibrissae.gustatory Pertaining to the sense oftaste....
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