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Unformatted text preview: G-30 cr,ossARy ""i.;;| ff:_"::::::1,1. ,A canar in the temporar x;::.i*lll:1",:*"i;#lJlil.#T,',frl .o#"i"orli' rne extemal auditory meatus. Dundes ol coilagen oo::: t: ,fi.;;il, ;;a Sajor.duodenai papilla, with a blood suppl ,u*iri",idffi;J,ii,i:fi""#:,,':;ru::* #?:,il::ffi','"f.1:;m*ru:j#$ .^.jlli,,iffJ.pui",'.Ti* tr,ol.J'i."l,ifil- . eye.:r-ear' compare interoceptor. gg' 3.21) --'"-"'r uurrsJuncuons ro.mea a"rnZrri An ervtr extracellularfluiaiEcrJ . anfuolynuiathatisnor fibrosis Replacementofdamagedtissuewith platelet;;;t;omirvuuoclterleukocyte,o .-#f$ff;Tl;::::"::*,tt' ,,i},1i;IH::.;;f+::;?;ili{,:i'"::,i,r, -..i:iiiiitilL'ilT:Htrn}.l1:*il: ,uchas.xt,insicLi*i-a"ui,[a.toi*'"-"'*r, *i,r'"p,.p""i".ffi{f{Ji-"ili,'*tmr '",LJ::,itJ*]1"1ffi':?,:Lt]1,:rn.:; exogenous' 2' Not fullv contairied wit-hl an organ lll::!t dense regularlana a.rr.l.*iri#"" . 6111 of the skurJ."'*'" " ilTi:;Tfft:ii\;;y;ii^:i:';;i:;'""F* "Hci'.l{:$l:;T.t",i,",H;;;;.....
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