IMG_0196 - oommissure (COM-ih-shur.) l. A buncile o1'ncrve...

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':tZ,;;'.,. -.,, ,'t ,,. 'l -i " t .. '',.,or;L s.'"'"',, 1j,,.,'. .. i\ \ t\.,: t\: ' \r\ .. i\-\\ .'\.xrr.1.,.--. ""'. ., .)r. . I NN*,*u.1.*.nr.,,". ., \.,. .::.:\.i. \ L*,1:,. .. (fig. I e.s)
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Unformatted text preview: oommissure (COM-ih-shur.) l. A buncile o1'ncrve tbers thiit crosscs lrom ont srdt oL ll. .,c1. .rri,^t o,: $mu\tix{tot\rc ot\rr.2. i\. .i.'.',i'. i r.:,:,i :!...
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