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Surface nnatomY (P' 329)' deflnes terms likely to be most-useful litltis particutar Uook'.especiallyterms rio.ufi *ott oft* and cannot be de- ililnuJoai"n' rerms.are defined iil.itl.t.v tt. ot.a in this book' e, m.anittgr,.utn within biologY ,iJ.t. U.vo-na its scope' Pronuncia- , provided for-words whose pronuncra- ltt oii""t. itt"t guides should be , but a keY at the end of the glossarY r't"i.t"l"* t.tter sequences. within i'iip'l'i. .a.a' ric:*' f-:'-t:d I*:: ".in"* tft. t". .,iing of a term' Figure" i i.'"," ng"ures in the Atlas of acute Pertaining to a disorder with a sudden "-"nr.,, t"t.t. Jffects' and brief duration' ComDare chronic' ^d;#ffi" -ilatt tuotutionary process lead-ing -*i"lit. .u"urishment of species character$trcs irt.i?.*t i"i"r;al and reproduction' 2' Any lilracterirtic of anatomy' physiology' or behavior ;;i;;;;;;; ;rvivai and riProduction' 3'.A ].1.i,' "t"."rt in which a receptor adjusts lts - :ilili'il;;;;p""" t" the prevailing level of iiffitiiit, "tr i dark adaptatiorr of the eve' ' "dd";','i^#""("r"buc-'ttttn)idovementojlugav "--#ii"*"ia trte median plane' such as bringing ift #';;tn;;irom a ipread-legged position' (fis.9,8) "aJii?yplprtvtis- The.anterior two-thirds of the nituitarv qland, consrsung of the anterior lobe ';;;;t! iuberalis; synthesizes and secretes ;#;;';;t;;' tdrotropin' adrenocorticotropin' fi",i;* l;"-"te, and piolactin' (69' 1 s' 2) "a"i"ti*,iipiittprtote(Arp) Amolecule '"':Ji;;;,.i';r;inin'' tiuo"' and three phosphate-- gtffi if't" f"lttions as a universal energy-transler molecule; brietly captures energy in its phosp-hate it""l, *a "*iftri it to other chemical reactions' ;"dil;;;t"t diPhosPhate and a free i'f to tottl*t gtoop upon hydrolysis' adiiocyie o fu'::l:-^ -onnective rissue composed adipose. tisrue
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