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temporal lobe region of cerebrol cortex where thymus (THIGH-mus) lgnphol , 1 primary auditory cortex and Wernicke's spcech ofchest; site ofT-lyrnpt,- _io'- ^{r: centcr are located thpoglobutin 1tn;"i ,. .$Y /t'\t temporal summadon membranc potentiar produced protiin pg" ptt' J"- ,{apprec;able as two or more inputs, occurring at different times, fott;-' g"> O" *"* ilf:ff1iff:ffiJ;T;lt'changc is *""""h1r *o* J' .rose joints that tendon (TEN-don) collagen fiber bo.,ate tf,".gt^cfls!.go "f" ay from a painful ilH::iffJJ#lllil[?il:"u:ii+*"1].1n*.* "" ;e'an)partorembrvonic *il.H::,1'i':*-= ;:"p"i$i$W /:::,:#;:iflffi::' "ila.Ts" ^ud "{. .:${.{.:5"${k- ."#H,.H:,:ffii;;;*". .u. ""* .*Xl"{'u;3.;;'$$.
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Unformatted text preview: .i,;}" ^'ii-o"^^'" -' """* --r' t*d **5+' ..s".;""" d*o_ ^"i+s X Wen" -{raf" X chromoeorne one of the two sex chromosomesl compr d ../ found in femalcs and males rls Y chromosome one of the two sex chromosomes; found only in males z Z llne structure running across myofibril at each end ofstriated muscle sarcomere; anchors one end of thin filaments and titin zona pelluclda (ZOH-nah peh-LOO-sih-dah) thick, clear layer separating egg from surounding granulosa cclls zonular fiber connecting the ciliary muscles with the lcns ofthe cye aygote (ZYB-goat) a newly fertilized egg zymogen (ZYE-moh'jen) enzyme precrrsor requiring some change to become active GA4...
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