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secr€ted bY cxocrine Pancreas clannel chamel that carries inward current that briefly supports diastolic zation ofcardiac Pacemakcr cells rcabcoqrdon transfer of materials tubule lumen to peritubular capillaries transfer of materials from capillaries to kidneY tubulc lumen holkrw structure lined by epithelial cells' in transport processes such as those n€phrons -you-Lin) the major Protein of microtubules &ctor-alpha (TNF'a) -sis) cytokine secreted by macophages cclls); has many of the samc frurctions of electrocardiogram to ventricular rePolarization response of muscle to single action mcnbffine (tim-PAN-ik) mernbrane acrogs end ofear canal; also colled ccll a flat epithelial cell that with forms l continuous layer lining the air-facing sin) enzyme secrcted into smail by exocrine Pancreas as Precursor breala certain PePtide bonds in and pollpeptides en (trip-SlN-oh-jen) inactive precursor of c of the PulmonarY alveoli drrcolu ccll puLnonary cell that produces (you-BlK-wicin) small inuacellular that attachcs to proteins and directs them to to "flavorfulncss" aftcry artery transporting blood from the into thc capiltuies ofthc chorionic villi co*d (um'BIL-ih'kul) long, ropelike that connects the fetus to the placenta and umbilical arteries and vein vcln vein uansporting blood fronr the villi capillaries back to the fctus tetanuc stimulation ofskeletal lnuscle at a action potential frequency that in oscillating, submaximal force fatty actd fatty acid containing onc or double bonds airway part ofthe respiratory trce consisting nose, mouth, PharYnx, and larYnx uracil (U) (YOOR-ah-sil) pyrimidine base; prcsent in RNA but not DNA urea (you-REE-ah) major nitrogenous waste product ofpiotein breakdown and amino acid catabolism rroto (yOOt ih-ter) tube that connccts kidney to bladder urethra (you-REE-thrah) tube that connects bladder to outside of bodY uric acid (YOOR-ik) waste product derjved liom nucleic acid catabolism utef,us (You-ter-us) hollow organ in pelvic region
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