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facelrtor neural rcceptor in the framework or' wall ofthe body that responds to mechanical ion ofskin or hairs and underlying tissues, or bending ofjoints, temperature changes, stimuli ecncadon feelings,/perceptions coming from skin, and bones cort€a (suh- lnat- uh-SEN-suh - ofcirebral cortex in parietal lobe in nerve fibers transmitting somatic sensory synapse (SS) (suh-mat-uh-STAT-in) hormone that inhibits growth secretion by anterior pituitary gland; neurotmnsmitter; also found in str:mach islets map a repr€sentation ofthe different ofthe body formed by neurons ofthe cortex adding together clfects of inputs to diffcrent places on a neuron potential change greater than that by single input accending pathway chain of synaptically neutons in CNS, all activated by scnsory same q?e selectivity; ability ofbinding site to react one, or a limited number ofl, tlpes of J,, spermatozoan cord structure including thc vas dctbrens vessels and nerves supplying the tcstes (SPER-mah-dd) immature spcrm (sper-mahtoh-]EN-ih-sis) sperm (sper-mah-toh-GOH-nee-um ) germ cell that gives rise to primary (sper-ma-toh-ZOH-in) rnale gametc; spetn (SFINK-ter) smooth mu$cle ring that a tube, closing tube as musclc contracts of Oddt (OH-dye ) smooth musclc ring common bile duct at its entrnnce intc) ttcirne one of86 peripheral nerves (43 pairs) spinal cord largest lymphoid orgaq located between and diaphragm proteifl and nuclear RNA complex that inuons and link exons together during transcription gene on thc Y chromosome that ines development oftestcs in genetic mxle balance net loss ofsubstance from body equals , and amount ofsubstance in body neither nor decteases; tnwpa're negalive balancc, balance (stah-PEE-dee-us) skeletal muscle that to the stapes and protects the auditory by dampening thc movemcnt ofthe ear dudng petsistent, loud sounds one ofthree bones in the inner ear that movements of the tympanic membrane lnner car force factor that determines direction and of fluid movement across capillary wall condciourness degree of
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