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IMG_0188 - tegulatory T cell a rype of immune(T ce that...

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emission ofh€at frorn the surlacc ofrn eye movement sleep raa REM sleep adapting receptor scffory receptor that for a briefperiod at the onsct and/or offset of reaction slowest reaction in metabolic ; catalyzed by rate-limiting enzyme hyperemia (hye-per-EE-me-ah ) rransicnr in blood flow following release ofocclusion supply field (ofneuron) area ofbody that, if results in activity in tltat neuron relaxation relaxation of the smooth of th€ stomach (fundus and body) whcn is swallowed; mediated by parasympatheric in t}te enteric nerve plexuses (for messengers) protein cither on cell in the cltosol, or in the nucleus that vt ur ur! lJlvovr, \/r ur Lr!! uurtluD urdt a chemical messenger such as a hormone or itter and mcdiatcs its rctionsl system) specialized peripheral cnding neuron) or separate ccll intimatcly with it, that detects changcs in some ofenvironment actftation change in receptor conlormation by combination of mcssenger with receptor &eeneitization temporary inability to respond to its ligand due to pr"ior binding erdorytools thc specific r.rpt*c in the extracellular fluid by regions of membrane that invaginatc md fbrm vesicles potentlal graded potcntial thnt ariltes neuron ending, or a specializeel cell tely associated with it, in responsc tcr tyrosine kinaee the m{jor typc ofrsccptol that is itselfan enzyme; thc$c rcccptor$ plasma membranes and rcspond tcl uuny water-soluble chemical messeugcrs innerr"ation inhibition of motor neurons muscles whose contraction would erppose tegulatory T cell a rype of immune (T) ce[ that is believed to suppress immune fuirction a::d may minimize the likelihood of autoirnmunity relative re&actory period time during which excitable membranc rvill produce action potcntial but only ro a stimulus ofgreater strength than the usual thrcshold strength relaxation return ofmusclc to a low fbrce-generating state, ceused by dctachment ofcross-bridges relaxin hormonc secreted by the ovary before parturition REM sleep (rcm) sleep state associated with small, rapid EEG oscillations, complete loss of tone in postural muscles, and dreuning; also called ra,pid eye ,&op
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