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c o rn ? a.r e p rc gan gli"ri" r; ;;;; rfr l#:"rj:*.":::".""i,,th"postsyrapticcelt Poctsynaptic rcuf,on (posr_sin_NA?_dk) itnToo.: 'nt' t"nducts lnformation ,*.y 6o'n " T,:Y reflex reflcx that mainrains or resrorcs upnght, srable posture potential (or potential diffcr. Detween rwn h^i^+-. _, , Dce) voltage difhrence fi fffi d *';"; ;' ;;; :::i"#:H,1iH; ?ffi trf tr:*ux*tli*l*, .,,0 n:lf:" all of the proteins exprcssed by a cett at a given dme TIt-J1ro-}" (proh-THRoM_ bin ) inactive of thrornbin; produccd Uy liu", anJ noriri present in plasma TJ;,:,:n^o"-tahr ) positivelv charged sub, O::1i3aI tubule first rubular component ofi nepiroD after Boivrnan,s ,:K#':,!#:::::!L::;J:I:"ffi ; ".Ti.pd:" becomes possible, .. ;;;;;;. ::1T,.3 to 5 ycars ofr.*uui;.;.,"#;i; culmrnates in sexual mat,r" pulmonary (pd ;",:;::::t" p"l-orrnty "rt "y l#".'ll"ttlt*'aining to lu "**."riJi.1":ilf,j;r"J.l*llillll1,l,T# P11]l;^a.V.,t"",.f.tion circulation throueh I unBsi pordon "r. ..aiour.,,ut^i;;;;#ro:*. . pulmonary trunk, as it leavi "'.r p" b";;;;;,;:l:ff; :::.:rj: ;fi "t 'H:.ff_',ff :ilffJ:"fJil:i:T_,l.:,l Tjffi fiTtr";:l:l lortion of pituitary gran d postganglionic n"*or, (noJ, ""'LD'irI ile releas( aoronomic-nerv^,," ..,,^.-'gang-glee-oN-ik) ffi :,:lx'l::'r iil ;il"":i::;', ".,. ffi ::i:fl,::TlJ:.,,-,y*J* n J.,.on o. n.,u. lU#l:: n':.:[il ;".'* d:'J: .:iJ,*: rffi;.:T: g*/$ rbmare serm cer trrat |*::y.t cort€x rn motor cortex oocyte and polar body il#tffi ::tff '*. au'i",i#ii"ii;;llff rmpulses away from g**rior, ,"'"t".rrr; conduc cot44pureDres^nat;^-i^ -- owardperiphery; m;:;.*,"0.*"*''i'"0""",1ilIii,.# membrane at ., ao*ainrl"*^ 1'.,srsytaptic celr anq structural DrnrF;h. i*__ . transmitter
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