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Unformatted text preview: muscle Atlgue decrease in muscle tension rvith prolonged activio muccle fber muscie cell muccle cpindle a receptor organ, madc uo of specialized muscle tibers, "i, lli.."."ir.i "r skcletal rnuscles muecle.splndle stretch receptor capsLrle-enclosed arargement of aftbrent nefr,e fibe,:eJ;"gr-.-* around specialized skeletal muscle fibers; insitive to strefch muccle tieeue onc of.thc four major tissue types in thc body, comprising smoo*, .i.a"., Ljii.lji" muscle; can be undcr volunt control tary or involuntary muscle tone degree ofresistance ofrnuscle to lT:l: : "*.Td re to ong<.ring c<.rn tractile activity; see ako smooth muscle tonc .:1|"rrr externe rwo layerc of muscle in the gastrointestinal tract consisting of circular and longitudinal musc.le lyTl"ir mucosa layer of muscu.lar tissue beneath the lamina propria of the eut mr:tag€n IMUTE-uh-jen) f,ctor in the environmenr that increases mutation rate tjllj" (mew-TAy+hun) any change in base sequencc ofDNA that chan 'y.i^ ruyr "r,;ffi1,.d',i:lJ! *;H* 1xo1 of mlnl ncurons; consists of layus of rylfir_ torming cell plasma membranc wapped around tfrb" 4:* ( mve-en-rER-ik pLEX-us) nerve cell network bcween cjrcular and longitudinal muscie hyers in esophagus, stomach, and intestinal walls nygblast t MyE-oh_ blast ) em bryological ccl I th at givcs rise to muscle fibers nyocardtum (mye-oh_KARD_ i,fri.f, f"rr, i"i" ur,*u-ec'um) cardiac muscle, natural killer (NK) cell type of lymphocytc that binds_ to virus_infected and- cancer cif , #J"r, . specific recognition and rh";;;;;;'"". participates in antibody_depend*, ;;lll; cpotoxicity T11l rd:m:" the process whereby mutations n a gene lead to traits that favor $il";;;;." organism negadve balance loss ofsubsrance from bodv exceeds gain, and total amount in b"dy d;;;;ir;:.T" forphysical parameters such "s body;;;;rr** and energyi compare positive balance negative feedback characteristic ofcontrol systems in which systcm's response opposes...
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