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medien eminence (EM-ih-nence) region at base of hypothalamus containing capillory toft irrto which hypophysiotropic hormoncs are secrered mediated transport movement of molecules across membrane by binding to protein transporterl characterized by specificiry competition, and saturation; includes facilitated diffusion and active transpol.t medulla oblongata (ob-long-G0T-ah) part of the brainstem closcst to the spina.l cord; controls manv vegctative functions such as breathing, heart rate and others medullary cardiovrecular ccntcr neuron cluster in medulla oblongata that scrves as major integraoing center for reflcxes afTectingheart and blood vcssels medullary collecdng duct terminal component of the nephron in which vasoprcssin-sensiti'vc passive watcr reabsorption occurs medullary respiratory centcr part ofthe mcdulla oblongata involved in the neual control ofrhythmic breathing mcgakaryocyF (meg-ah-KAR-ee-oh-site) largc bonc marrow cell that gives rise to platelets meloelc (my-OH-sis) process olcell division leading to.gamete (sperm or egg) fbrmation; daughter cells ryeive only half the chromosomes piesent in original ccll meiotic areet state ofprimary oocyes ftom fetal development until puberty, after which meiosis is conrpleted melatonin an amine derived from trlptophan produced in the pineal gland and that plays a role in circadian rhy'thms membrane attack complex (MAC) group of complement proteins that form channehln microbc surface and destroy microbe meolbrane potentiel voltage difference between inside and outside ofcell memoty see declarative memory procedural memorg working memory mernory cell B cell or T cell that differentiates during an initial infcction and responds rapidly during subsequent exposure to same antigen memory encodlng processes by which an experience is transformed to a memory of that experience menarche (MEN-ark-ee) onset, at puberry of menstrual cycling in women meninges (men-IN-jees) protective membranes that cover brain and spinal cord menopauce (MEN-ah-paws) cessation of menstrual rycling in middle age menetrual cyde (MBN-stroo-al) ryclical rise and fall in female reproductive hormones and processes, beginning with menstruation mellgral
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