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intedeukln f (IL-f) cy'tokine secreted by macrophages and other cclls that activates helper T cells; exerts many inflammatory effects; -"diut., many ofthe systemic, acute phase responses, including fever irtef,leukin 2 (IL-2) cytokine secreted by activated helper T cells that cauees antigen-activatcd helper T, cytotoxic T, and NK cells to prolifbrate; also causes activation of macrophages intedeukln 6 (IL.6) cy"tokine secreted by macrophagcs and other cclls that exerts multiple effects on immune systcm cells, inflammation, and the acute phase response intef,m€dlate filament actin-containing filament associated with desmosomes inter:nal anal ephlncter smooth muscle ring arour.rd lower end ofrectum internal environment extracellular fluid (interstitial fluid and plasma) internallzadon down-regulation of plasma membrane - receptors by receptor-mediated endocytosis internal uretbral sphlncter (you-REd_thrul) part of smooth muscle of urinary bladder wall thaiopens and ^closes the bladder outlct interntl work energy-rcquiring activities in body; cornpare extetnil work interrreuron neuron whose cell bodv and axon lie entirely in CNS interstidal fluid extracellular fluid surrounding dssue cells; excludes plasma lntersdtium (in-ter-STISH-um) interstitiai space; fluid-fllled spacc between tissue cclls interyentrlcular septum the muscular wall separating the right and left ventricles ofthe heart intesttnal phaee (of gastrointestinal control) initiation of netrral and hormonal gastroiniestinal reflexes by simulation of intestinal tract walls intesdno.intrsdnal reflex cessation of contractile activity in intestines in rcsponse to various stimuli in intestine tntracellulff fluid fluid in cells; cltosol plus fluid in ceU organclles, including nucleus tntrefueal ffber modifcd skeletal muscle fiber in muscle spindle tntrapleumt flutd (in-trah-plUR-al) thin fluid filtr in thoracic cavity bctwcen pleura lining thc inner . wall ofthoracic cage and pleura covering lungs lnb:apleural preee"r. (p,") pressurc in pl-euraisp"c.; also called intrathoracic pressare intrarcnal barorecqrtor prcssure-scnsitive juxtaglomerular cclb of affcrent arterioles, which rcspond to decreased renal arterial prcssurc by
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