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Unformatted text preview: '1tr*(x((1((:.(:{:ilQ(U(1 Sryhaidugan, /tu6 g&tq kffivrffi{et xqucnce of'fibdn initiatcd by factor )(II or, more inithl thrcnbin generated by thc cxuinsic dotting pathway smooth musde, indcpcndent of neual , hormond, pfficfine input intron (IN-trafui) ul a genc rcgions of noncoding nucleotides inulin polysaccharide that is filtered but not reabsorbccl, secreted, or rtetrboiizcd in the rcml tu\rules; cur be used to mcasure glonrcrular filtration ratc iodide trapping cctilc trln$port ofioditlcr trorn plasma across the thyroid follicular cell membrane, follo'rvcd by diffusion ofiodide into the colloid of thc /bllitlt /,// tlffll ./ t .t t ilr ri,fti, ndi, o,,t,i,, Ji,l,,tnl n, t, -/z/zza.?'r.'le.z/.2/a-lz/a....2/2.d/2.-2.?2./za)t..2../t/az/;,/ .J/aop,/ajDr.. ,tui),r"rl- l>outLd rr: a intestinc intrlnclc tone spontaneous low-level contraction of ar ,(etwe f.r'a[9 l?.cp/o/ lul n0 / rirfiizyi' to ri: jejanam (jch-lU-nun) mlddle segment of small lactation receptor rcccptor in the lung capillary walls or interstitium that responds to increascd lutrg interstitial prcssLlre juactional feet ve k:<;t process juxtaglomerular appararus (/GA) (jux-tah-gbfi MER-you-lar) renal structure consisting of macula dcnsa aud juxtaglomerular cclls; sitc ofrenin sccrction and scnsors lbr renin secretion anci control of glomcrulrl. filtration rate iuxtaglomerular (lG ) cell rcr.rin -secrcting ccll s in thc atfblcnt artcriolcs ofthe renal ucplrrou in contact with thc nracula densa Juxamcdullary (nephran) functional unir of /trh/tt,u/t/rzzzlzh/lzrtZt ' '/t'ZtZ ' / and a loug loop r,t/ IIenJc, which pltuges inro :z;er/zz//.z tht (lak- of milk by lacted of each lamina propria cpithclir"rnr laminar flow (l,AM-ih-ner'1 (c.g., hbod) florvs concentric layers. *ithout usitd lalge lnteetine pl t oi rhc grsroi bctwccn thc small intcstine and $alts xnd watcr larytrx (I"{R-inks) prrr.t of air phdrynr ,rntl rncht,t; cttu!ilns M itt v'hi.:h lirrcc elrr lrr: rnairrrar'rcd 7z:,zrzz/tt/y'trrr/22//z'.//171?'//a: lor ...
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