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enter the circulation; it is inhibited iry insulin stimulated by catecholamines c.horionic gonadotropin (hCG) (kor-ec- -ik go-NAD-oh-troh-pin) protcin hormone by trophoblastic cells of embryo; maintains activity ofcorpus luteum during first ofpregnancy placental lactogen (plah-SEN-tal LAI(- hormone produced by placenta that has simiiar to those of growth hormone and actd (hy-droh-KlOR-ik) HCI; strong secreted into stomach lumen by parietal cells bond weak chemical bond between two or parts of the same molecule in which region ofone polarized substance is attract€d to a positively charged ofpolarized hydrogen atom in the other peroxide HrOr; chcmical produced and highly destructive to and pathogens sulfide a type of gas that sometinres as a neurotransmltter (hye-DMHL-ih-sis) brcakirrg of chemical with addition of elemenh of water (*H and ) to the products formed; also callcd l4,d.rolytk (hye-droh-FIL-ik) attracted to, and dissolved in, water (hye-droh-FOH-bik) not attracted to, insoluble in, water prescure (hye-droh-STAI-ik) pressurc bv fluid crystals composed primarily of and phosphate deposited in bone mafix group (hye-DROX-il)-OH membrane that partially covers the opening to increased plasma calcium (hye-per-EE-me-ah) increased blood flow; active hyperemia (hye-per-oz-MAH-tik) having solute concentration greater than normal fluid to change membrane potential so cell becomes more negative than its resting state chronically increased arterial blood (hye-per-TAH-nik) solutions containing concentration of elTectively membrane solute particles than normal (isotonic) fluid (hye-PER-troh-fee) enlargement of a or organ due to incrcased cell size rather tian cell number the condition oflow blood interstitial) calcium concentration (hye-poh-gly-SEE-mc-rh) low blood (sugar) concenuation (hye-poh-oz-MAH-tik) having total concentration less than that ofnormal fluid horrnone (hye-poh-fi z-ee-oh- ) any hormone secreted by hypothalamus controls secretion of an anterior pituitary gland low blood pressure portal vessels small veins
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