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Unformatted text preview: glucagon-like peptide I (GLp.f) an incretin lli,"9* secrcted by cclls .frfr. ,rn"1ii",.rn". fiJ:#- a tneal; enhances rh. iili";;:;;::,. glucocorticoid (gloo-koh_KOR_tih_koid) stcroid hormon-e- producecl by adrenal ..""_;j;;;; major cffects on nutricnt, rcsponse to strcss nctabolism and the bocly's 8{loneoSenecis (gloo_koh_nee_oh _JEN_ih _sis r rormarion ofglucose by the tiver o;;;;* ;;", 1T:: T iiil!,:Ji:":l' ;:r:I: JJtr, " ::' dlii.:.: jlllilr*f e:}";i*,i!:!,:;i! normonal factors that opo'or incJ udes gtuca;:il:.Jil'- "tin's actions; ;'"j;:,f ';;;;;""iTli',iLHl'tll,'ff ""'-'ru.ffil;ffifffiHH"ff'",i;,:r*ff,' sccretion in response to elucr rntesdne - :sc and fat in small glucose sparing switch from glucose to fat utilization-,.:l-T".1 .:Ir_ guring postaosorpdve srarc gtutarnate (Gl.U_tah_mr- '-$. ,d) Jr;.'1''"1je) aniln formed riom thc neurotransmittcr rd; a major excitatory CNS gluten a collective term f- '"r,.., - J o,i,.; ;"j:,':i;?ilX, il.,Tinlill',' .autoimtnuniqr to these proteins grycerol (GLISS_er_ol ) th .rorms backbone ;#-'il;;Xton carbohvdrate; ry-$e (gliT,seen) an"amino acid; a neurorransmifter-,1, roT. inhibitory synapses rn CNS grycocalys ( glye_ koh _I(AI extracelular surfa.. .r"ill_) fuzzy coating on _,of short, br;hJ ;;ffsma membrane; consisrs gtycogen (clrE-koh_jen) t ighry U.;.i.0 polysaccharide .o_por.d-;1r,_.,'uq..!.' ;"#;;T*:;e s u bun i ts; m a jor gycogenolysls ( glye _koh _n breakdown ro qlucose' :n-Nol-ih-sis) glycogen dl-"^li."",ptr?rpnorylaseinracellularenzyme rcquired to begin rhe proc ,fr/co'en''. ;i;;ffi;,,.T |;:*;,ilt.." glycog, m sJmthaoe intracellular cuzy.. ..n"*.a a ,d[ffi :'iufl'.:[ff l],il:,Ll""o bv insu rin' ir,:, i'.*ri I "*"s"r " :;:"J1ff:Th:1t#l p1'ruvatc.(aerobically) or rwo molecules of Iactate lanacrobicallv) St131g; ng.l.'skeretat muscle fiber that has a high conccntradon of glycolytic...
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