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w$yceride; see al'so polyunsatr'irated fatty urated fatty acid, unsaturated latty acid for production of ATP bY anaerobic fiber type ofskeletal flber that has high intrinsic contraction speed capacity for production ofATP bY oxidative phosphorYlation vitarDln Jae vitamin carbon chain with carboxyl group at one which chain can be linked to glycerol follicle-stimulating hotmone (FSH) protein hormone secreted by anterior pituitary gland in males and females that acts on gonadsl a gonadotroPin fotlicular phase (fuh-LlK-you-lar) that portion of menstrlal cycle during which follicle and egg develop to maturity prior to ovulation food-induced thermogenesis the creation of hcat within the body following a meal, particularly one rich in protein; at least part ofthe hcat is g"nerated slcoodarily to the increased activity ofthe gastrointestinal tract foot procees large extcnsion of sarcoplasmic reti^culum calcium channels (ryanodine receptors)' which connect them to the T-tubule membrane and mediate excitation-contraction coupling in skeletal rnuscle ; also known as /nctilnnlfeat forebraln large, anterior brain subdivision consisting of right arJleft cerebral hcmispheres (dre ccrcbrum) and dicncePhalon formed element solid phase of blood, including cells (erlthroqtes and leukocytes) and cell fragments (platclets) fovea centralle (FOH-vee'ah) area near ccnter of retina where cones are ntost concentrated; givcs rise to most acute vision Frank-starllng mechaniem the relationship between strokc volume and end-diastolic volume such that stroke volume increases as cnd-diastolic volume increases; also called Storling\ law of the heart fraternal twlns dizygotic twins that occur when two eggs are fertilized eee radfcal atom that ha$ an unpaired electron in its outermost orbital; molecule containing such an atom free.runntng rhythm ryclical activiry driven by biological clock in absencc ofenvironmental cues &equency number oftimes an event occurs per unit time fronal lobe region of anterior cerebral cortex where motor areas, Broca's spcech center, and some association cortex are located
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