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IMG_0176 - branched tubules and flattened sacs two typcs...

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branched tubules and flattened sacs; two typcs are distinguished: rough, wit\ ribosomcs attached, and *nooth, which is smooth-surfaced (docs not contain ribosomes) cndooome (EN-doh-some) inttacellular vesicles and tubular clements betwcen Golgi apparatus and plasma membranel sorts and distributes vesicles during endocytosis and exocltosis cndotheltal cell sae endothelium cndothelln-l (ET-f) (en-doh-THEEJin) one mcmber of a family of peptides secreted by many tissues that can act as a paracrinc or honnonal signal; one major action is vasoconstriction endothelium (en-doh-THEE-lee-um ) thin layer of cells that lines heart cavities and blood vcssels endothellum-derived daxing factor (EDRF) nitric oxidc and possibly other substancesl secretcd by vascular endothelium, it relaxes vascular smooth muscle and causes arteriolar dilation endothenn an animal that generatcs its own internal body heat without having to rely on the envifonment end.plate pnftential (EPP) depolarization of motor end plate ofskeletal muscle fiber in response to acetylcholine; initiates action potential in muscle plasma membrane end-product lnhibition inhibition of a metabolic pathway by final product's action upon allosteric site on an enzyme (usually the rate-limiting enzyme) in the pathway end.syetolic volume (ESVI (sis-TAH-lik) amount ofblood remaining in ventricle aftcr ejection enkqrhalin (en-IGF-ah-lin) peptide neurotransmitter at some synapsee activated by opiate drugs; an cndogenous opioid entef,lc n€r:vous system (en-TAIR-ik) ncural network residing in and inncrvating walls ofgastrointestinal trAct €ntcrochromaffn-ttke (ECL) ccll histamine- secreting ccll ofthe stomach enteroendocrlne cell cell locatcd in thc gastric gland in thc stomach; sccretes gastritl cnterogastron€s (en-ter-oh-GAS-troncs) collective term fbr hormones released by intestinal tlact; inhibit stomach activity reabsorption ofbile salts (and othcr substanccs) tiom intestines, passage to liver (via hepatic portal vcin), and secrction back to intestines (via bilc) cnteroklnace (cn-ter-oh-I(fE-naoc) enzymc in luminal plasma membranc of intestinal epithelial cells; convcrts pancreatic trypsinogcn to trlpsin
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