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yvit min D [1,25.(OH),D] -DRoX-ee-ry-tah-min DEE) hormone lowcr concentration; sea simple diffi,uion, diffusion (DP) (dye-ah STAL-ik) ninimum during cardiac rycle deflection ofthc arterial pressurc with closing of the semilunar valve (dye-en-SEF-ahJon) core of anterior ; lies beneath cerebral hemisphercs th alarnus and, hy p oth alawas FU-shun) movement of molccules location to another because ofrandom motion; net diffusion always a region ofhigher concentradon to a state during which diffusion directions are equal; that is, the zeto ofbreaking down large particles substances into small the gastrointestinal tract and its (DIIP) teceptor (dye-hydro- nonconducting calciurn channels membranes of skeletfi muscle act as voltage scnsors in excitation- coupling (DIIT) (dye-hy-droh-tes- ) steroid formed by enzyme- oftestosterone; active forrn of in certain ofits target cells by kidnep and is the active form of (DIT) a doubly iodinated tyrosine is an intermediate in the formation of rylycerate (DPG) (2-3-dye-fbs-foh- ) substance produced by erytlrrocytes lysis; binds reversibly to hemoglobin, release oxygen dorsal root gangllon group ofsensory neuron cell bodies that have axons projecting to the dorsal horn ofthe spinal cord down-regulatioa decrease in number of target-cell rcccptors for a givcn messengcr in response to a chronic high concentration ofthat messenger; c o rnp ar e up - r e g:ulation dual lnnerrratlon (in-ner-VAy-shun) innervation ofan organ or gland by both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervc fi bers duodcnum (doo-oh-DEE-num or doo-ODD- en-um) first portion of small intestine (berween stomach and jejunum) drra mater thick, outermost membrane (meninges) covering the brain dynamic constancy a way of describing homeostasis that includes the idca that a variable such as bloocl glucose may vary in the short term but is stablc alrd predictable when averagcd over the long term dynein (DYE-ncen) motor protein that uies the energy from ATP to transport attached cellular
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