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diactolic pressure (DP) (dye-ah-STAl-ik) minimum blood pressure during cardiac rycle dicrnotic notch deflection ofthe arterial pressure wave associated with closing of thc semilunar valve diencqrhalon (dye-en-SEF-ah-lon) core of anterior part of brain; lies beneath cerebral hemispheres and contains thalawus and lq,pothal.amus dlffirslon (difFU-shun) movement of molecules from one location to anotier because ofrandom thermal molecular motion; net diffirsion always occurs from a region ofhigher concentration to a region of lower concentration; .raa simple diffi.uion, facilitated diffusion dlffirclor cquilibrium state during which diftrsion fluxes in opposite directions are equal; that is, the nct flux cquals zero dlgcodon process of breaking down large particles and high-molecular-weight substances into small molccules dlgccdve syrteotr the gastrointestinal tract and its accessory organs (DHP) recqtor ( dye-hydro- PEER-a-deen) nonconducting calcium channels in thc T-tubuldbriembranes of skeletal muscle cells, which act as voltage sensors in excitation- contraction coupling dlhydrotestosterone (DHT) (dye-hy-droh-tes- TOS-ter-owl) steroid fbrmed by enzyme- mediated alteration oftestosterone; active fonn of testosterone in certain ofits target cells l,2S.dihydroxyvttamtn D U,2s-(OH)rDl ( 1-25-dye-hy-DROX-ee-ly-tah-min DEE) hormone that is formed by kid_neys and is the activc tbrm of vitamin D dllodotytooine (DIT) a doubly iodinated tyrosine molecule that is an intermediatc in the formation of thyroid hormones 2,3.dtphoephoglycerate (Dpc) (2-3-dye-fbs-foh- GLISS-er-ate) substancc produced by crythrocytes during glycolysis; binds reversibly to hemoglobin, causing it to release oxygen ( dyc-SAK-er-ide) carbohydratc molecule composed of two mon<xaccharidcs layer of membranes in outer scgmcnt of photorcceptor; contains photopigments convoluted tubule portion of kidney between loop of Henle and collccting-duct bond R-S--S-R (dye-uh-REE-sis) increased udnc cxcretion (dye-uh-RET-ik) substancc that inhitrits fluid in renal tubule, thereby increasing excretron (dye-VER-gence) (neuronal) one neuron slrrapsing upon many neurons; (ofeyes) turning ofeyes to view distant objects
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