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coronr{y blood flow blood flow to heart muscle corpue callocum (KOR_pus kal-LOH_sum) wide band ofnervc fibcrs connecting the two cirebral hemisphercs; a brain commissuie corpuc luteurn (KOR_pus LOO_tee_um) ovarian structure formcd from the follicle after orulation; secretes estrogen and progesterone cortical aseoclition area region ofcerebral cortex tlat rcccives input from uriiou. ,"nrory r1.p.., memory stores, and so on, and performs further perceptual processing corttcal collecting duct primary site ofsodium ion reabsorption at the distal end ofa nephron cortical (nqhron) functional unit of the kidney contained in the renal cortex and with a small (or no) loop of Henle cortical reaction release offactors by the owm that hardens the zona pellucida corticobulbar pathway { kontih_koh-BUL_bar,; dcscending pathway having its neuron cell bodies in cercbrai cortex; its axons pass without L;oos;:r. region of brainst.- .Lt,r, lrUlrytnat paOrway descending pathway navltg lts neuron ccll bodies in cerebral cortexl its. axons pass without synapsing to region of spinal motor neurons; also calied thef,yrawiotal tract; cowpare brainstem pathway, corticobulbar pathway corticotropin-releaciag hormone (CRIf) (kor-tih-koh-TROH_pin ) t ypophysiot.opic pepdde hormone that stimulates ACfi l.o.ticot opinj--' sectetion by anterior pituitary gland cortisol (KOR-tih-sol) main gluiocorticoid steroid hormone secreted by adrenal cortex; regu.lates --- various aspects of organic metabolism costamef,es clusters of structural proteins linking Z disla of sarcomeres to the sarcolemma of striatcd muscle cells costim-ulue nonspecific interactions between proteins on the surface ofantigen_presenting cclls .rri h.lo.. T cclls; rcquired for T_cell activatioi cotransmittef chemical messenger releasecl with a neuroftansmitter from synapse or neuroeffector junctlon co!:ensport form of secondary active transport in which net movemcnt of aitively trarrsported substance and ..downhill', movement of molecule supplying the energy are in the same direction countefcur:rent multipller system mechanism associatcd with loops ofHenlc that creates a region having
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