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ant any mediator that causes also called chewotaxin any c1'tokine that functions as a affcrent neuron ending (or cell with it) sensitive to corcentrations of chemicals (kee-moh-TAX-in) rae chemoattractant (kee-moh-TAX-iss) movemenr of cells, 'ly phagocl'tes, in a specific direction in to a chemical stirnulus gastric gland cell that secretes pepsinogen, ofpepsin (CCK) (koh-lee-sis-toh-I(fE ide hormone secreted by duodenum that gastric motility and secrction, gallbladder and pancreatic enzyme sccretion; satiety signal particular steroid moleculel precursor of hormones and bile salts and a component of membranes eeteaee enzyme tlat removes a fatty a molecule of esterificd cholesterol; for the production offree cholesterol in glands (kohJin-ER-jik) pertaining to ; a compound that {cts likc or a neujon that contains acctylcholinc (KON-droh-site) cell t1pes that form tendlneae (KORL-day TEN-den-ay) fibrous cords that connect papillary to the edges ofatrioventricular valves; backward flow of blood during slretole outermost fetal membranc derived cellsl bccomes part ofthc vllll fingerlike projections ofthe cells cxtending from the chorion into oftle uterus (KORE-oyd) pigmented layer of eye that lies retina plexur highly vascular epithelial structure portions of cerebral vcntricles; responsible for of cercbrospinal fluid formation (KROM-ih-tin) combination of DNA proteins; principal component of retinal light-sensitive component of a highly coiled, condensed fbrm of hrmed in cell nucleus during mitosis (kye-loh-MYE-kron) small droplet oflipids and protein released fron epithelial cells into the lacteals during fat ) solution ofpartially digested food in and intestinal lumens mtcln €nzyme secreted by exocrine pancrcasl ccrtain peptide bonds in proteins and :e-ah) hairlike projections from specialized cells that sweep back and lorth in a way to propel material along epithclial involved in movement and shape of during accommodation *ythm (sir-KAY"dee-an) occurring in an 24 h cvcle smooth muscle layer in stomach walls that has musclc fibers
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