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IMG_0171 - bradyklnin(braid-ee-I(fE-nin protein formed by...

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bradyklnin (braid-ee-I(fE-nin) protein formed by action ofthe enzyme kallikrein on precursor braia self-sthnulation phenomenon in which animals will press a bar to get electrical stimulation ofcertain parts oftheir brains bralmtem brain subdivision colsisting of medulla oblongata, pons, and midbrain and located bctween spinal cord and forebrain bralnetem pathway descending motor pathway whosc cells oforigin are in the brainstem Broca's area (BRO-kahz) region of lcft frontal lobe associated with spcech production bronchlole (BRON-kcy-ole) small airway distal to bronchus bronchus (BRON-kus) large-diameter air passage that enters lung; locatcd bctween trachea and bronchioles br"own adlpose tieeue type of adipose (fat) tissue fould in newborns and in many mammals, with a higher heat-producing capacity than ordinary white l'at; may be irnportant in regulating body temperature in extreme conditions brush border smail projections (microvilli) of cfithelial cells covering the villi of thc small intestine; major absorptive sr.rrfhce of the small intcstine buffer weak acid or base that can exist in undissociated (H buffcr) or dissociated (H+ + buffer) form bulbouethral gland (bul-bo-you-REETH-ral) onc ofpaired glands in male that secrctcs fluid components of semen into the uretlra bulk flow movement offluids or gases from region ofhigher pressure to onc oflower pressure bundle branchee (rtght and left) pathway composed ofcells that rapidly conduct electrical signals down the right and left sidcs ofthe interventricular septum; thcse pathways connect tie bundle of His ro the puikinje network bundle of Hls (HISS) ncrvelikc srructure composed ofmodificd hcart cclls that canies electrical impuJses from the atriovcntricular node down the intervcntricular septum C cadherin protein that extends fiom a cell surfhce and linla up with cadherins from other cells; inrportant in the formation of tissucs caldtonln hormonc liom the thyroid gland that inhibits bone resorprion, although physiologica.l role in humalrs is uncertain calmodulln (kat-MADJ-you-lin) intracellular
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  • Spring '11
  • William
  • brain extracellular fluid, bralmtem brain subdivision, small airway distal, AMP-depcndcnt protein kinase, small cy,toplasmic body

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