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IMG_0170 - a lbrm ofglial cell that regulates teminal end...

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a lbrm ofglial cell that regulates axon teminal end of axonl forms synaptic or neuroeffector junction with postjunctional cell axonal tranqrort process involving intracellular filaments by which materials are moved from one end ofaxon to other B barorecqnor receptor s€Nitive to pressure and to rate ofchange in pressure; see also afietial baroreceptor, intrarenal baroreceptor Barr body sex chromatin nuclear mass formed by the nonfunctional X chromosome in female cell nuclei basal cell ccll found within tastc buds that can divide and dilferentiate to replace worn-out taste receptor cells basal ganglia ree basal nuclei basal metabolic rate (BMR) metabolic rate when a person is at mental and physical rest but not sleeping, at comfortable temperature, ald has fasted irt lcast 12 h; also called wetabolic con ofliting basal nuclei nuclei deep in cerebral hemispheres that code and relay information associated witi control olbody movements; specifically, caudate nucleus) globus pallidus, and putamenl also called basal genglid baee (acid-base) any molecule that can combine witl H+; (nucleotide) molecular ring of carbon and nitrogen that, with a phosphate group and a sugar) constitutes a nucleotide baeement membrane thin layer of extracellular prot€inaccous material upon which cpithelial and endothelial cells sit baeic electrical rhythm spontaneous depolarization- repolarization rycles of pacernaker cells in longitudinal smooti musclc layer of stomach and intestines; coordinates repetitive
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