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IMG_0169 - norepinephrine also callcd sllhn sdreno ceptor...

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norepinephrine; also callcd sllhn sdreno ceptor; oo mp are beta. adrener uic dpl.."l ;il; :','J.ffi.J"l1il,r p.n.,..,i. i,r "* r:f Langerhans alpha-gaoma coacdvadon simultancous firinq of action potentials .tung olpirn ;;o;;Jill to extrafusal fibcrs of a muril. ,nd ;;;;, I-ltor le,r1on, to the contractile .na, o7inr..uflrr.f noers within drat muscle c.glycerol phoephatc thrcc _carbon molecule th at combincs with farty acids ,,ud u i,, ;;' ; ; ;:,;;:;,to rorm tri grvceride ; also T}l;I|x:.r,:d rcgions of proteins or DNA rormcd by hydrogen bonds c;tretoacif (A]-_fuh KEy_toh) molccule formed trom amino acid metabolir carbonyr ( -i;-i#":]ir# *.ffiX, groups alpha motor neuron motot .ixtratusal rk.il;ffi";:euron drat iuervares erpha rhy'thm prominent g to l3 Hz oscillation on thclelecftoencephalograms .r.*.r.., ."i*"l""aliiu wrrh ticir eycs closed allernadve complernent pathway sequence for ^c3mgle.mcnt activarion *" b}P**rT* .r# i" _tlassical pathu,ay and is not o,rribody O"p*ii.",., atlo,Ia1 dead srace ( ai-\GE-oh-r*l r"r,i,,'"lri" ficsh inspircd air that reaches ,fu"ofi Uut Ju.l not . uldcrgo gas cxchange with blood :uveolar pressure e,) air pressure in pulmonary alveolar ventilation ({) volume of atmospheric air -entering alveoli each mrnute alveolus (al_\EE_oh_lus or al_vee_OH_lus) (luncs) thjn -walted, air_fi ued,,oupock.d;;; ;# ;#"ii,, ar passageways in lun 'ra'.ili r..i.,*;;fi'otuh0" cell cluster at end aoacriae cell (AM-ah_krin) a speciajized tlrre of neuron lbund in the r, informad.n b"*"t" lt^:::-"'flc eye thai i'tegrrtes "_t"" h";;; i ;:#-J^ii""fl:T:Tl,i""l'.i *._ amino acid q.r.osirre; in epinephrine, no."o,n..1-11:' th)'roid horrnoncs. .;"" ;J'i;;-il;;il1'"'* and doPamine ,'"ino s.oop, ..G;:l#::T;;H1',:,"u amached to a .a.bon at, protein rm; molecular subunit of amino acid side chaln tl ".idq rn"y.oni#*" "'le variable Portions of amino or may be hydrorrhobic -- or basic charged regions, amino group _\iH,; ionizes to _rvt+ _
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