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IMG_0167 - I rurd one of the uansvcrse bands making up...

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I rurd one of the uansvcrse bands making up peated striations ofcardiac and skcletal muscle; rgion of aligned myosin-containing thick filamcnts olutc rcfractory lnrtod time during which an tcitable membrane cannot generete an action rtcntial in response to any stimulus ofiptiol movement of matcrials across an epithelial ycr from body cavity or compartment toward the ood orghe rtate period during which nutrients entcr oodstream from gastrointestinal tract BsoryrErdu{tlve organ duct through which rcrm or cgg is uansported, or a gland cmptying to such a duct (in thc femdc, thc brcasts arc urllyinduded) llnetlzadon (ah-ctimb-ah-tih-ZAY-shun) gvironmentally induced improvcment in urctioning ofa physiological systcm with no unge in genetic endowmcnt ommodation adjustment of cyc for viewing dous distanccs by changing shapc oflcns tylchollne (ACh) (asrih-tecl-KOH-lccn) a :urotransmitter released by prc- and postganglionic uasympathetic neurons, preganglionic sympathctic :urons, somatic neruolls, and somc cNS ncurons tylc,holloetcraee (ass-ih-teel-koh-lin-ES-tcr-rsc ) rz)'mc that breaks down acetylcholinc into acctic id and choline lyl cocozyne A (.cctyl CoA) (ASS-ih-teel koh- N-zirne A) metabolic intermediate that transfers :ctyl groups to Krebs cycle and various slnthetic rthways I molcculc capable ofreleasing a hydrogen ion; rlution having an H+ concentration greater than nt ofpure watcr (that is, pH less than 7); sca dbo rong acid, wcak acid llc coludon any solution with a pH lcss than 7'0 llty concentration offree, unbound hydrogen rn in a solution; thc higher thc H+ concentration, rc grerter the acidity ubcd rcdcx behaviors that appear to be crcotlpical rnd automatic but which in fact rcsult om considerablc conscious effort to be learncd rlso called hwned ratle$ ocomc (AK-roh-sohm) cytoplasmic vesicle rntaining digestive enzymes and located at head fa sPcrm ocome rcacdon proccss that occurs in the spetm foer
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