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LABT J.nLg+nahSn*FmY-' Thoracic Cavitv once you have completed examining the abdominal cavity' open the thoracic cavity' Extend your vertic"iTtriri"t cranially' Use scissors to cut ttlough the ribs' Make two transverse cuts at the neck and open,'p tr"lftotacic cavity' Keep the cavity open by pinning back the chest walls' The circulatory system has been injected to highlight arteries (red)' veins (blue)' use your anatomy laboratory manual (Chapter 4) identify the following arteries Arteries BrachiocePhalic artery Right Subclavian arterY Right Common Carotid ArterY Left Common Carotid ArterY R & L Internal Carotid Arteries R & L External Carotid Arteries Left Subclavian ArterY Coeliac ArterY Ilepatic ArterY Left Gastric ArterY R & L Internal Iliac Arteries R & L External Jugular Vein Transverse Jugular Vein R & L Internal Jugular Vein Hepatic Portal Vein R & L Common Iliac Vein
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Unformatted text preview: R & L Internal Iliac Vein R & L External Iliac Vein R&LFemoralVein Lienic ArterY Cranial Mesenteric ArterY The diaphragm forms the caudal border of the thoracic cavity. The heart is centrally olaced, flanked by t# lft;;igr"r riJ. . i. .*ember that the i*gr in this long-dead rat are collapsed. NoticJ ttat'tte right t]";;lgi;td;.d t1." l:y lobes and the left is divided into three. cut onJrie;;i;-G rob.r"*ith a pair of scissors. Note its spongy texture' The trachea is the tube running frory the pharynx tg the lungs' It is stiffened with cartilaginous rings' ittt ttopttufus is dorsal to the trachea' The trachea branches into two main.stem bronchi before reaching the lungs' Further branching t.uO, to't*Ji, U*n.hi"1;;';J dttrfv-r"toli' *httt gas exchange takes olace. Dorsal t" f. -t rrrrea is the ;Gilus This can be followed through the iiaphragm into the stomach' 3...
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