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vertebrglB"[p-teg13LJtfl#t9,Sv LAB 9 Vertebrate Internal AnatomY (Digestive, Excretory' and Respiratory Structures) Lab # WEARCLOSE-TOEDSHOESANDGLASSESINSTEADOFCONTACTSfoTthiS lab. Remember to *u, o, bring some ffiffiig tnitvtuu coat that you don't mind getting dirtY. Today we are dissecting a hislr9r vertebrate, the rat' You will learn general mammalian anatomy, including-the-r"uioiurooo *rr.rr, the major organ groups' and their functions' To perform this dissection you will need your anatomy lab manual' Abdominal Cavitv Withtheratonitsback(supineposition)make?1i".]:'ionjusttotherightofthebody midline, from the pilrfih. *ypttoia pro. .'' (tip of the sternum)' The safest way to cut into the animal is to make a small incision to make sure you're cutting into the "nJ"*i""r cavity, ttren to use the blunt probe to pull the abdominal wall away fro- trrJilr. .r". rrri r."rp.i.ot now be inserted 'oith
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Unformatted text preview: tht blade upward and the rest of trre-cuican be made tnlitil;"ty possibility of cutting too deeply' Make a transverse incision at the cranial end of your first cut (along the costal margin' the boundary between;h;;tb;rg. ""4 rua"-.i1, utia *ottter transverse incision at the caudal end of your?i^i ."i"r" ,fru,,ttt i*ui'intitioo looks like the letter I' and the abdominal cavity .uo L. seen when y;;;;,te resulting flaps of tissue' From this poini o"*"tds, use yow blunt probe and forceps' Whencuttingthroughthebodywall,youcutthroughexternalfasciaofthetrunk,the tavered external Jtil";;#;;i;iig"t and transversus abdominis musctes' the rectus abdominis *rrr.r.'oJul?rr.ffi;;tdliiti lrr. tr*t's internal fascia and the inner mernbrane lining ";;h; uuoornirrut .""u" ilrrrp*i.tul,peritoneum)' Recalt that you examined tfr.r. **tits during the muscle dissection lab'...
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