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uman Blood Pressure & Effects of Exercise Name: TF Date: --- Laboratory Report Due to your TF (by emair) at the beginning of the next lecture period (20pts): 1) Using Excel o ''#Lfr iijffiffi';lfl f#lili.,#:i*#.#iy:,,T';,l:*y::,Ti " T+.ffrf?";,1ott: responses thar vou observed mediated in response ,o exercise? ?rd e) uu,-oi'l,iuXtlilffitrfi,:nses (responr"r"ui',r,. rr"J ffi;il t o"muna) baroreceptor mediatJ;;;i#;il;T$::":j. ti,:T.lo"u'.ur-*
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Unformatted text preview: lv*"-, ana (3) explaining phvsiologic"I;;;;;J, o" "ronomical ou, Jjln*"" r*ioJ to pru.ti." :omprehensive. (6 poinis) n HJ'nH?f,glfltr j} shape tend b have lower resting hearr rares rhan those who 5) Describe three aspects. of your cardiovascular system th term (due to seniti.g i*.,1ii-."1"i.e. breeding, o, oui'l,1Tlsl11ncre19 in rhe.rong mcrease your capacity for o"iauiu" ""ercise? (6 points) ning) and would resutt in ai Page 7...
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