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IMG_0156 - the effect of exercise on the timing of various...

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Llhrr2.n on.,omy & physiotogy Blood Pressure & Effects of Exercise Blood Pressure & Effects of Exercise Laboratory #3 Assigned reading Widmaier, et al. Vander's Human physiolog,t Ch, L2 OBJECTIVES 1) Learn to measure your blood pressure using a sphygomomanometer. 2) Test the effect of exercise and body position on cardiac parameters including systolic and diastolic pressures, pulse pressure, mean arterial preJsure, and heart rate. Please bring a calculator to this lab. Wear closed-toe shoes and glasses instead of contacts. Heart Function Durlng this lab you will listen to heart sounds and correlate those sounds with the mechanics of heart function. You will also record blood pressure and heart rate and
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Unformatted text preview: the effect of exercise on the timing of various parameters of tnr blood pressure. A. Heart Sounds No doubt you have watched many times as a doctor listened to your heart. Most heart sounds are low frequency (<100H2) and are thus hard to hear with the equipment we are us-ing in lab today. There are, however, sounds associated with the op.nini and closing of valves and the turbulent flow of blood that are relatively easy to hear, *f,i.h you wili be able to listen to today. It is traditional to mention four distinct sounds during the cardiac cycle, but without sufficient training, one usually hears only the two majoriounds: Page I...
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