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IMG_0152 - a:iu)tiLl ilrtcrv ii lJlrrlt q_r-tr]g i lr'r...

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1s0 Humai-r /inatomy & Physiology 134 CHAPTER 4 Deep Anatomy of the Hat, ft,leck and Thorax l. L.;rryrrx /. Srrli',.rrri, giirur.l 1. l-hyroi.l vl.rnrl 4. I l.:hi:l :r. l{t cr-rrohvcj.l rltrsclc { Lr nr.r r.oidlbil' .l:r muuci.l on :r,rirrr:rl r'rrlrr .i,l, .lur irrq virrf ulii| |crfi.r:;ion ) 6. Tirl'rnus 7. ( j,.lnrnon
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Unformatted text preview: a:iu-()tiLl ilrtcrv ii. lJlrrlt q. [_r-tr]g i'.'. lr'r, rn:rl rr 1 yrr.ri] \,. lrl I l. Rib llrl jrltcrc()stai ll.lcr], ar-rrl \/('ii l I 1". I)i;rlilri':rgrn I l. L)'Lrs o1'rliu|hr:rurrr &, a 1 t l ii; o f: i . , tr,., ;{1. ;s, .:i'i :: t1 ni ;. i: .li .i! I . $;',,1 d ffi s ,t...
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