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IMG_0145 - (urnder Pin 6 Gluteus medius muscle 7 Gluteus...

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LaboratoryAtlasofAnatomyandPhysiology'sixthEdition 143 Dissections tz7 Finure 4-33 Sunerficial Muscles of the XinO I'imn of the Fetal Pig' Left Lateral View 1. Lumbodorsal fascia Z. Extemal oblique rnuscle (reflected) l. Intemal oblique muscle 4. Tensor fascia latae muscle (sPlit) 5. Vastus iateralis rnusclc
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Unformatted text preview: (urnder Pin) 6. Gluteus medius muscle 7. Gluteus maximus musc'le 8. BicePs femoris muscle 9. Semitendinosus muscle IO. Semimembranosus 11. tz. 11. t4. 15. 16. muscle Testis (iastrocnemius muscle Soleus musclc Achilles tendon Flexor hallucis longus muscle Tibiahs anterior musclc...
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