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142 126 CHAPTER 4 Fiqure 4-32 Su-perficial Structures of the Neck. Shouldor. and Thoracic Limb of the Fetal Pig, Left Lateral View 1. Brachioradialis muscle 2. Extcn. .rr carf i raliaIis muscie J. Extensor digitorum communis muscle 4. Extensor digitorurn lateralis muscle 5' Extcnsorcar|i ultraris muscle 6. Masseter mtlscle 7. Submandibuiar gland 8. Lyrnphnode 9. Parotid gland 10. Salivary duct I l. Extemal
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Unformatted text preview: jugtrlar vein 12. ClavotraPezius muscle 1-1. Clavobrachirrlis muscle 14. Acromiodeltoid muscle 15. Spinodeltoid muscie 16. SpinotraPezius muscle (cut) 17. Tiiceps brachii muscle (long head) 18. Tiiceps brachii muscle (lateral head) 19. Splenius caPitis muscle 20. Rhomboideus caPitis muscle 21. Latissimus dorsi muscle 22. Stemomastoid muscle '#"s;'-.r- I to fi 20 :ffsfr' ' .*'1" {f. b-....
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